Our signature two-day (16 hour) seminar include courses to

develop strengths in corporate leadership, management skills

and individual skills:

-AM Session—Day 1:

  • Introduction
  • Leadership is management—management is not leadership
  • Creating and sharing your vision
  • Professionalism, workplace leadership, and setting the example

-PM Session—Day 1:

  • Corporate culture
  • Critical thinking—demand independent thinkers
  • Team building and development
  • Communicating, Commanding, Controlling

-AM Session—Day 2:

  • Counseling subordinates
  • Demanding leadership
  • Setting priorities and time management
  • Setting Personal & Organizational Goals

-PM Session—Day 2:

  • Limitations and constraints
  • Risk mitigation and risk management
  • Stress management & well being
  • Effective meetings
  • Being a team player

Each day consists of eight (8) one-hour sessions (breaks included); each session specifically designed as a building-block approach to understand ideas, techniques and skills that naturally flow from the most basic leadership pillars to effective leadership techniques and management skills. 

​Our special one-day program teaches your Human Resources Department how to focus their efforts on the recruiting and selection process, interview and select the best candidates but also how to ensure quality in the integration of new teammates. Once a teammate is selected, appropriately integrating them into the organization process does as much to set the tone and culture as anything an organization can do. Thus, we find it a priority that most organization tends to minimize. OUT FRONT LEADERSHIP teaches our signature framework for ensuring your organization appropriately integrates new hires.

-Mining Human Capital Morning session (AM Session):

  • Introduction
  • Who is the right fit for your company culture?
  • Recruiting
  • The candidate is interviewing you

- Mining Human Capital Afternoon session (PM Session):

  • Selecting
  • Assessing
  • Interviewing
  • Integrating

The Mining Human Capital day is consists of eight (8) one-hour sessions (brakes included); each session specifically designed as a holistic approach based on your organization’s culture; from finding the right candidate to integrating him on your team. 

Our Seminars

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We provide consulting and seminars to assist you in forming solid foundations for creating vision, communicating that vision and empowering your team. 

Forming Foundations

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