We offer our clients tailored leadership assessments, seminars, courses, mentoring and coaching.  Our standard seminar is a two-day (16-hour) leadership realization, self-appraisal and tailored leadership plan of action. Our seminar offers effective and efficient tools and techniques to become a better leader with organizational skills, leader personal interaction techniques, organizational culture awareness and lead-by-example techniques.  Our seminars are only limited by the size of the venue you choose for your mid-level and senior leader experience.  We also offer one-day (8-hour) and three-day (24-hours) seminars that are specifically structured for your needs and desires.

OUT FRONT LEADERSHIP has established a curriculum that gives any organization the tools to not only provide a vision and mission, but also the tools to organize and structure their business to not only meet—but exceed—their goals and objectives.

Our approach – Recognize your environment, develop a plan of action, inspire others, analyze and assess impact, seek and give feedback.  We provide seminars and courses specifically designed to inspire your mid-level and senior leaders. We help them assess their environment, build a cogent leadership plan of action, develop a culture of success and communicate across the continuum of responsibility.  These courses are based on our Forming Foundations – Empowering People – Realizing Potential model. We believe that qualities of a successful organization include three basic ingredients:

  • ​Vision
  • Culture
  • Climate

The leaders most basic responsibility is to clearly articulate a vision and develop a culture that empowers their people.  Leaders must foster a climate where people can realize their full potential—and thus the potential of the organization. To reach this end, our seminars are organized in the following manner:

Senior leadership skill development:

  • Understanding leadership—Leadership is management; management is not leadership
  • Creating and sharing your vision
  • Professionalism, workplace leadership and setting the example
  • Corporate culture
  • Team building and development
  • Communicating, commanding, & controlling
  • Recruiting, assessing, selecting and integrating your human capital
  • Demanding leadership

Management skill development:

  • Counseling subordinates
  • Effective meetings
  • Delegating
  • Understanding limitations and constraints
  • Setting priorities and time management
  • Risk analysis, risk mitigation and risk management

Individual skill development:

  • Stress management and well-being
  • Setting personal and organizational goals
  • Meeting goals via objectives
  • Critical thinking—demanding independent thinkers
  • Being a team player

Out Front Leadership focuses our consulting services for you in these areas with initial assessments, teaching, coaching and mentoring seminars and follow-up progress assessments.

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Why would you hire just another consulting firm?  Do these firms have what it takes to operate in the most complex, dynamic and demanding environment of the 21st Century?

As retired military commanders who have led large, complex organizations in combat; we have the most refined leader skills required to operate in today's dynamic environment.

​Out Front Leadership is a consulting firm as much as a leadership assessment and development program. We assist numerous corporate entities in developing strategies necessary to confront and solve their most difficult challenges.​

We bring these highly adaptable skills to your organization--skills not available from any other consulting firm.  We consult with both large and small firms. ​

Our corporate analysis focuses on leaders, vision, strategy to achieve your vision's goals, and teams.  Our services include:

  • 360-degree corporate analysis
  • Leader assessments  focusing on traits to sharpen skills
  • Organizational assessments and recommendations to improve your organization
  • ​Organizational facilitator focusing on vision, culture, & a climate to meet that culture
  • Leader and managerial traits that hone your middle managers and make them more efficient and productive
  • Empowering skills that strengthen your organizational leaders

In July of 2016, Out Front leadership partnered with Agora Data Systems (ADS) as a consultant and portal to US Government entities. Outfront Leadership offers it's vast DoD experience and combat understanding to ADS. As a consultant for ADS, our strategy is to assist the team with morphing the current technology to a component where DoD may employ strategies using "big data." Outfront Leadership intends to present this amazing technology to elements in DoD as well as other UG Government entities.

We are uniquely capable of providing leadership techniques for mid-level & senior leaders—specifically in complex and demanding situations

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